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The Rhythm Reset Product Suite

GI Spotlight Testing

GI Spotlight Testing

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This purchase includes a virtual visit with Dr. Dearing to go over results and give supplemental recommendations. Please give us a call to get scheduled.

Functional wellness test to analyze the gut microbiome.

The GI Spotlight functional wellness test analysis provides an in-depth look into the health of the gut microbiome. The human gastrointestinal (GI) tract contains an ecosystem with more than four trillion microbes, living in a symbiotic relationship with their host, while performing duties essential to the health of the individual, such as assisting with digestion, hormonal balance, immune modulation, and neurotransmitter function.

How does this test benefit the client or patient?

Each functional wellness test contains everything necessary, including detailed instructions, on how to noninvasively collect the sample and send it in for analysis. The resulting report contains a unique, comprehensive assessment into many of the key microbes that are essential for human physiology and overall wellness.

This test will help provide insight in the following areas:


  • Utilizes cutting-edge quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology
  • Keystone microbial diversity and gut fungal balance
  • Intestinal permeability and gut barrier function
  • Digestive function, nutrient absorption, and GI motility
  • Inflammatory status and immune function in the gut

The results are intended to help inform and guide the health-care practitioner to support their client’s or patient’s overall health with appropriate diet, lifestyle, and nutraceutical suggestions by assessing the status of the microbiome.

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What's included:

What's Included:
The Rhythm Reset is a digital program featuring a product suite shipped directly to you.

You'll receive:

• Daily videos and downloable instruction material you can access right from your phone!

• The Rhythm Reset Diet Guide & Cookbook full of recipes, food prep tips, and daily schedules and routines to get your body back in rhythm.

• Daily PDF companion guides with detailed explanations on the “why” of each step and the scientific findings the program is based on.

• A starter pack of Rhythm Reset supplements featuring Gut Sealer, SuperOmega, PollyAnna Pro, RemNU sleep aid, and MindFlo Salve.

• Eight (8) curated herbal tea blends to help you reach specific daily health goals.

• The Rhythm Reset Evening Elixir Tea to promote restorative sleep.

• The Rhythm Reset tea steeper, shown to extract more therapeutic benefits than standard options.

Become the hero of your own health

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What would it feel like to create the roadmap to becoming healthy? I share the tools for you to do this over the next nine days. You are going to learn how the brain interacts with every part of the body, from the gut to the muscles. You are going to learn how to regulate blood sugar, detox, move and breath intentionally, correct your own spinal posture, and so much more.


Gut sealer. (Bladder Balance) nurture your microbiome.


RemNU deep sleep aid.

MindFLO distilled herbal salve.

Dr. Dearing's SuperOmegas.


There are custom combinations of over 40 herbs in the teas that you will be drinking. From your morning tea to your evening elixir mocktail, these herbs boost healing and support your gut.