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The Rhythm Reset Product Suite

Rhythm Reset™ MindFLO Full-Spectrum CBD Herbal Salve

Rhythm Reset™ MindFLO Full-Spectrum CBD Herbal Salve

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RemNU is a powerful natural sleep stimulant. While taking sleep aids like Melatonin may help you fall asleep faster, they mess with your body's endocrine system and in the long term can have negative effects. RemNU is a completely natural product that aids your body in falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper.


Medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil, hemp derived cannabinoids (CBN & CBD), and spearmint extract.

How to take

Begin by taking 1/4 dropper 20-30 minutes before going to bed.

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Dr. Dearing's Mind-Flo Herbal Salve

Organically grown, harvested, and produced in Middle Tennessee.

A powerful blend of beeswax, full-spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil, cedarwood oil, boswellia (frankenscense), black spruce oil, and lemon oil. This blend is focused on improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, moving lymphatic fluid, and modulating immune system function. Turning down an overactive immune response or boosting a fatigued immune response can help the brain and the body restore resilience. 

Used in the Rhythm Reset alongside an ancient head massage technique, this herbal salve pulls inflamation out from the brain through the lypmphatic system. Also a great solution for sore muscles and joints. Great for improving everything from mental clarity to a stuffy nose, or irritated skin.

Does any CBD salve work?

No. Most CBD salves on the market today only have diluted concentrates of CBD. They may also only carry a certain strand of CBD rather than the full-spectrum offering that MindFLO gives you.

MindFLO in action.

The skin is the body's largest porous organ. In order to maintain good health we try to feed our internal organs good quality food but we forget about feeding our skin. Dr. Dearing's MindFLO feeds our skin, calms inflammation, and decreases our pain response.