About Dr. Dearing

Dr. Dearing is the founder of The Dearing Clinic in Nashville TN. He's spent two decades in observational diagnosis and alternative treatments for the whole person, all the while refining evidence-based therapies to provide the best possible experience for his patients.

Now he is sharing all of that knowledge and practice through The Rhythm Reset course curriculum and community. Justin holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic, a Diplomate in Clinical Neurology, a Fellowship in Acupuncture, and a Fellowship in Restorative Herbal Medicine.

Often referred to as the "last resort" doctor, due to his ability to think outside the box for many conditions that can't be effectively managed with medications or surgeries. Patients have found themselves at his door step when they couldn't find effective treatment anywhere else. The same fundamentals that earned him that title, he teaches here. 

​The goal of the Rhythm Reset is to restore you as the hero in your own health story. And by the end of this protocol, you will be just that.

About The Rhythm Reset

Dr. Dearing wanted to make longevity easily attainable for everyone. He set about to create a health solution that would fit in the business of life without being overwhelming.

The Rhythm Reset is that solution. A total mind & body reset in 9 days. No complex diets and exercises that can overrun your life. It requires no more than 5% of your day and can be implemented whether your a busy mother, businessman, or college student.

Does this mean that one size fits all? No. But as Dr. Dearing says, we all start from the same place when it comes to our health. The Rhythm Reset is that starting point.